Luna de Miel brand Honeymoon Honey Wine
he term Honeymoon arises from the Medieval custom of drinking Mead (honey wine) by the
bride and groom for a full lunar cycle (28 days) ... Luna de Miel brand Honeymoon Honey Wine is
made from Pure Honey and is symbolic of Fertility (honey) and Romance (honey wine).

Wine Notes
Luna de Miel Honeymoon Honey Wine is made from 100% natural honey and
without the addition of fruit or grape juices. Honeymoon Honey Wine is golden in color,
displays delightful honey aromas, tastes similar to a honeyed dessert wine, and
feels thick and velvety on the palate. Honeymoon Honey Wine is best enjoyed
chilled or icy cold in an elegant champagne flute or handsome wine goblet.

The Honeymoon Toast - A Symbolic Wedding Reception Toast
"We raise our flutes filled with mead to the Smith’s
(insert family name),
in a toast to strength, fertility and everlasting love. May today and every day
that follows continue to be a never-ending honeymoon ..."

The Honeymoon Toast
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The Honeymoon Toast

Honeymoon Martini Signature Wedding Cocktail
Honeymoon Martini
Drink Recipe includes: 3 oz Honeymoon Honey Wine,

2 Maraschino Cherries, 1.5 oz Premium Vodka and 2 Dashes Grenadine. Pour
Honeymoon Honey Wine, Premium Vodka and Two Dashes of Grenadine into a
cocktail shaker half-filled with ice. Place the cherries into a chilled cocktail
glass. Shake well and strain the honeymoon mixture over the cherries.
The Honeymoon Martini is Pink & Sweet.

Honeymoon Martini Cocktail Recipe
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Honeymoon Martini

Honeymoon Honey Wine - A Traditional Wedding Gift

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